Air Conditioning Maintenance

What is it?

We specialise in repairing split systems, ducted and all other types of systems and are ready to assist our  Maintenance Contract Clients 24/7 all year round.

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is essential to ensure that it works optimally and in its most efficient operating capacity. This will also help you avoid costly repairs and unwanted breakdowns.

man cleaning split-type aircon with water hose
man conducting repair on air conditioning unit

Repairs and Breakdowns

Ideally, we recommend home air conditioners should undergo maintenance annually. We develop cost-effective maintenance plans customised for your system and designed to ensure your air conditioning and refrigeration system maintains optimum performance and efficiency levels. We guarantee the lowest possible running cost and increase your system’s life expectancy.

We have the experience, skills and tools to fix AC problems right the first time. All of our repair services are guaranteed 100% in writing for your peace of mind.

Benefits of Maintenance

Having a maintenance plan will make sure that your AC will work efficiently and function optimally throughout the year. Regular maintenance and servicing can help you:

Avoid costly repairs. During maintenance, an experienced technician will perform checks on your air conditioning unit. This will help them easily address defective areas and minor issues before they escalate into bigger problems, which could damage your AC.

Improve efficiency. Poorly maintained systems strain to produce the temperature you want while effectively removing moisture from the air. Clean and properly maintained ACs generate cool or hot air more efficiently.

Reduce energy costs. When your air conditioner is operating efficiently, it doesn’t strain or work extra harder to achieve the desired temperatures. Therefore, your AC consumes less energy to produce cool or hot air.

Extend equipment lifespan. Most air conditioning systems can last up to 10 to 12 years. Regular maintenance will keep your system running well beyond its lifetime.

Improve air quality. A licenced technician will clean your system and get rid of dirt and debris, which contribute to indoor pollution when released inside your home.

Safety. Cracks and damages can interfere with air circulation and create short circuits. Don’t let a defective AC endanger your safety.

What to expect?

Our team of technicians are trained and equipped to handle all aspects of air conditioning maintenance. Maintenance typically includes:

Cleaning or replacing filters

Tune-up or checking overall condition to see if any repairs are needed

Cleaning of condensate drainage systems

Checking electrical connections

Ensuring that all components are working properly

Testing and recharging of refrigerant

Inspect compressor operations

Check motors

air conditioner repair tools

Coolabah Cooling is your source for quality air conditioning services, including maintenance and repair. Our team of air conditioning professionals will be more than happy to answer all your questions and address your needs. Talk to us today!