Efficient & Affordable Commercial Electrical Solutions

Comprehensive Electrical Solutions

Whether it’s a new structure, or a revamp of an existing commercial property, our team can provide a diverse range of electrical services to suit your requirements. With astute commercial project experience, we can install phone and data networking points, lights and security systems, power points and switchboards. In addition, we also conduct energy efficient audits, testing, tagging and fault finding.


Armed with first-class materials that we use on all of our commercial projects, we understand that in the commercial world, time is money, so we always follow through with deadlines and offer solutions that save you money upfront, and in the long run.

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Switchboard  Services:


·      Safety switch installation

·      Switchboard upgrades

·      Circuit breaker replacement

·      Switchboard inspections

Communication and Data Services:


·       Telephone point installation

·       Data cabling for home and business

·       Network installation and setup.


General Electrical Maintenance:


·       Routine electrical maintenance

·       Preventive electrical maintenance

·       Electrical appliance maintenance

·       Fault diagnosis

·       Switchboard maintenance

·       Energy efficiency maintenance

Electrical Repairs:


·       General electrical repairs

·       Troubleshooting electrical issues

·       Emergency electrical repairs





Coolabah Cooling, Electrical and Solar is your source for quality residential and commercial services. Our team is more than happy to answer all your questions and address your needs.