Split Systems vs Ducted Air Conditioning

How do you know if you need a split system or ducted air-conditioning for your home or business? Like any big life decisions (and this is up there in importance), choosing the right one takes time, consideration, and a bit of understanding. So grab a cuppa and get ready for today’s Cool School education segment,…

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Beat the Humidity This Summer

Urgh, the humidity. It’s a constant battle with the moisture in the air and sweating from places you didn’t know you could! We’re in the months of discomfort, coming home from air-conditioned offices, shops and cars to heat and humidity, with heavy and sticky air. Aside from being uncomfortable, it can actually be more serious…

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Why you should get your Air Con serviced before the heat sets in

Air Condition

Don’t procrastinate So, your flight leaves in 4 hours and you’re still packing, your car rego is due tomorrow, and the presentation you had 3 weeks to prepare is at 9.30am tomorrow, and you’re still writing the intro. Sound familiar? As you know, procrastinating does bite you on the backside sometimes, and unless you want…

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How To Run Your Air Conditioner Efficiently Throughout The Year

Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner is like the best friend you ever had…or maybe your Mum. No matter what the conditions are, it’s always trying to do its best to make you happy. Thanklessly and with almost no due consideration from you for how hard it works or how it has to constantly adjust to the ever-changing…

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Too Hot Vs Too Cold. What’s The Ideal Temperature To Fall Asleep?

What’s The Ideal Temperature

In the midst of our Australian summertime, high temperatures and humidity are something of an ongoing talking point. We’re fairly well conditioned (pun intended) to deal with these extremes of weather, with homes that offer a multitude of ways to stay cool during blistering summer temperatures. Our world-class standard of air conditioner installation plays a…

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How To Avoid Critters Ruining Your Air Conditioner

snake and frogs in air con

You wouldn’t expect articles on air conditioning to be the stuff that nightmares are made of. But you’d be wrong….. Being made of tougher stuff than your average nation (possibly a bias here) the Australians know how to deal with the odd critter here and there. As Bill Bryson famously noted in his assessment of…

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Is Bigger Really Better?

Aircon Installation

4 signs your Aircon is too big for your room. Is bigger really better? Isn’t that the question everyone always asks? Bigger car, bigger house, bigger swimming pool, bigger…..air conditioning unit? Ok, maybe the latter isn’t the most frequently called upon display of ostentatiousness, but it is actually a thing. Take for example the question…

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How to stay warm and save money

Stay Warm and Save Money Coolabah Cooling

5 tips on how to stay warm and save money this winter As if the residents of Northern NSW, the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads haven’t copped it enough this year, we’re now apparently experiencing what has been labeled ‘The coldest start to winter in over 100 years’. After extensive flooding in places including Murwillumbah…

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Where ‘R’ Refrigerants Going?

maintenance guy checking split system air conditioner

There’s one thing the HVACR industry is certain of — the future of refrigerants is uncertain. Given the current rate of regulatory changes, refrigerant life expectancy can sometimes seem like a flash in the pan; here today, gone tomorrow. Historically, three hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants covered a broad range of air-conditioning and refrigeration applications: R-134a, R-404A (or…

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