Where ‘R’ Refrigerants Going?

maintenance guy checking split system air conditioner

There’s one thing the HVACR industry is certain of — the future of refrigerants is uncertain. Given the current rate of regulatory changes, refrigerant life expectancy can sometimes seem like a flash in the pan; here today, gone tomorrow. Historically, three hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants covered a broad range of air-conditioning and refrigeration applications: R-134a, R-404A (or…

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Often customers don’t realize the benefits of regular maintenance, and systems go years without being tended to. They end up having higher utility bills, breathing allergens which have entered the air, and running into frequent problems with their system. By providing customers with the benefits to regular maintenance, they may be more encouraged to follow…

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FAQ’s Regarding Air Conditioners

finger pressing on air conditioner remote control

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers **Q. “My air conditioner doesn’t seem as cold as it used to be”** A. In most cases the coil is probably dirty – especially if it has never been cleaned. If the temperature pulls down a few degrees after cleaning then the problem was simply “clean & service”. If not…

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Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning any use in Winter?

summer and winter

With Summer packing up it’s things and heading North, we are all getting ready to welcome Winter into our lives.  Mind you, we are very lucky to live where we do and not be OVERLY affected by the Winter chills … but it is still cold enough to get out the doona and slippers ……

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Warm up when things are cooling down …

woman sipping coffee in living room cooled by Haier air conditioner

Here’s a question you’ve probably all been pondering … but were too afraid to ask … “Can I keep warm in Winter, without sending my electricity bill into orbit?” Well, the average reverse cycle air conditioner costs around $0.33 – $0.40 per hour to run for heating purposes. Compare that to your electric radiator heater,…

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