Your air conditioner is essentially the lungs of your home, it determines the quality of air you and your family breathe. Therefore, it is so important to ensure your air conditioner isn’t contaminated, mouldy, dirty, old or just plain out gross. At Cool-A-Bah we provide professional deep clean of your air conditioner, making it look and feel brand-spanking new! But why is this so important?

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I’m glad you asked! It can be extremely dangerous to be running a dirty air conditioner in your home. You wouldn’t breathe through an old, gross face mask, so why allow mouldy or dirty air into your home? There are so many reasons why you need to get your air conditioner professionally deep cleaned, these include:

  • It will reduce the stress and pressure of built-up dust and debris in your filter and allow it to perform more efficiently,
  • It will prevent your air conditioner from freezing and becoming unusable,
  • Breathing in air from a mouldy air conditioner is extremely bad for your health and can lead to respiratory infections and more serious health conditions,
  • It can cause worsened allergies and asthma, frequent sinus infections, colds, sneezes and watery eyes.

An air conditioner deep clean by one of Cool-A-Bah’s friendly team members will include:

  • Cleaning or replacing filters,
  • Tuning-up or checking overall condition to see if any repairs are needed,
  • Cleaning of condensate drainage systems,
  • Checking electrical connections,
  • Ensuring that all components are working properly,
  • Testing and recharging of refrigerant,
  • Inspecting compressor operations,
  • Checking motors.

We are professionals in what we do and the level of cleanliness that this type of procedure achieves can’t be ‘DIY’d’. A professional deep clean by a Cool-A-Bah technician will ensure the thorough removal of mould and bacteria deep inside your air conditioner and inhibits further contamination for 12 months. Unlike the limited scope carried out by the cleaning only companies, we also carry out mechanical & electrical tests they often are not qualified to perform.

To ensure your air conditioner is running at its peak efficiency, it is recommended that you need to have it cleaned at least once every 12 months. This could be at any time during the year, but you should consider a professional deep clean in the lead up to summer to ensure you’re staying chilled during those hotter months. Book today!