Beat the Humidity This Summer

Urgh, the humidity. It’s a constant battle with the moisture in the air and sweating from places you didn’t know you could! We’re in the months of discomfort, coming home from air-conditioned offices, shops and cars to heat and humidity, with heavy and sticky air. Aside from being uncomfortable, it can actually be more serious than a bit of icky air – humidity in your house or workplace can lead to mould, musty smells and could damage your furniture, carpets and curtains. But fear not, Captain Coolabah has some ice cool tips on how to effectively use your air conditioning unit, so you stay cool and healthy throughout our long hot summers.


Condensation. Like it’s been raining on the inside! Those pesky droplets, they gather, mingle, and set up camp on the inside of your windows, but you can rid yourself easily of the indoor downpour by using exhaust fans, in addition to your air con unit, in bathrooms and kitchens. These superheroes will blast the moist air back outside, where it belongs. Byeee!


Although air conditioning systems are designed with a built-in dehumidification process that complements their cooling function, sometimes a stand-alone dehumidifier is good to have on standby for when you aren’t running the air conditioner and those humidity levels rise – and we know that in the Northern Rivers, this can happen in an instant. This unsung hero is basically a vacuum for moisture. Yeah, suck it up humidity! Dehumidifiers work by drawing in moist air, extracting the moisture, and releasing dry air back into the room. So, if you’re keen to target specific areas or rooms with humidity issues, a dehumidifier can be a game-changer.

It’s important to not set the thermostat to ‘fan on’ as this setting allows the fan to blow air constantly, whether or not the AC is cooling. This will let moist air back into your home and encourage your old mate humidity back indoors.

Temperature control through your thermostat

Modern thermostats are like the conductors of a humidity symphony. They harmonise the temperature and humidity levels, ensuring your home feels like a comfortable, perfectly balanced hug. Most air conditioners are equipped with easily programmable thermostats that allow you to set the desired humidity levels. This feature ensures that the system maintains an optimal balance between cooling and dehumidification, creating a comfortable and moisture-free environment. Just like ‘stat!

Regular Maintenance

Regular upkeep of your HVAC system is the secret weapon to a dry and happy home – like a spa day for your air con. Get the filters cleaned, look for leaks and give it some TLC to keep it running smoothly and combat humidity like a pro. Regular upkeep of your air con system is crucial for humidity control, as issues associated with your unit can lead to it either working ineffectively or completely cracking it, which isn’t ideal when the humidity is 100% and the service team have a waitlist of sweaty clients to get to. Get your aircon service for work and home booked in annually to stay on top of it.

Want to Know More?

Remember, finding the right balance of humidity and temperature is key to sweat-free home and harmony amongst the home-dwellers. If you want to beat the Aussie humidity this year, call one of our cooling experts on 1300TOOHOT today or book online.


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