How to Know it’s Time for a New Air-Conditioner

Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner 


Given the extreme temperatures and weather fronts we experience in Australia, we rely on a few essentials, namely a cold esky, Ugg boots and a functioning air-conditioning unit. However, like all appliances, (and people) domestic and commercial air conditioners don’t last forever. In fact, most only have a lifespan of 10-15 years, (fortunately, it’s more for people), so if your AC is approaching this milestone, or has already surpassed this age, it may actually be more cost-effective to replace, rather then continually repair it.

Although you’re guaranteed a good innings out of a regularly serviced and well-maintained AC unit, there are a number of telltale signs that indicate you need to replace your aircon, sooner rather than later. Here are our top five.

  1. Corrosion

If your air conditioner is experiencing significant corrosion, particularly on critical components like the condenser coils or the evaporator coil, it can lead to decreased efficiency and performance. Corrosion can be caused by factors such as exposure to saltwater, harsh weather conditions, or long-term exposure to moisture. Basically every factor we deal with living in Australia. If the corrosion is severe and affecting the structural integrity of the unit, or is hindering its functionality, replacing your AC is a necessity.

  1. Frequent Breakdowns

If your air conditioner is constantly breaking down and requiring repairs, (much like that vintage Holden HK Monaro in your garage does), it could indicate significant underlying issues. In such cases, replacing the unit is actually be a more reliable and cost-effective solution, particularly if the repair costs are becoming major and prohibitively expensive (see above car reference).

  1. Poor Heating and Cooling Performance

Much like your credit card statement not corresponding with your actual bank balance, if the temperature in your house doesn’t correspond with the temperature set on your air-con, there is definitely a problem. In fact, one of the most common problems with an old unit is that it will struggle to cool or heat your house adequately. If there are significant temperature inconsistencies between rooms, it is more than likely to be a sign of a failing unit. In some cases, the system may simply be unable to handle the cooling load required for your home, necessitating the need for a new unit altogether.

  1. Refrigerant Leaks and Outdated Gas

No-one likes the sounds of leaks or gas, especially if it’s coming from your partner, but both of these can also indicate the need for a new air-con unit. Refrigerant is essential for the proper functioning of an air conditioner and if your unit develops refrigerant leaks, it can lead to decreased cooling capacity and higher energy consumption. With the cost of electricity these days, none of us want that. Repairing leaks can be costly, and if the leaks are extensive, it might be more practical to replace the unit.

Another reason people need to replace their air conditioners is because the gas they’re using has been phased out, due to environmental concerns. The unit tag, on the side of your air con, tells you which type of gas it requires. If your unit needs R22 or R410a, then it’s time to replace your AC, as you’ll be doing your wallet and the planet a favour.

  1. An Inefficient System

We all know that as we age, body parts stop working and those high levels of vitality we had in our twenties plummet to an all time low as middle age approaches. Believe it or not, air conditioning systems are the same. Most split system air conditioners are designed to have a life expectancy of up to ten years, before needing either major repairs or replacement. Remember to consider the energy efficiency levels of an older unit as well. Newer units on the market are undeniably more cost-effective, as an older system will be overcompensating and working harder, sending your electricity bill and other costs through the roof. It might be the time to update your model and in the long run, save money on your bills. Sadly, there’s no such service for humans!

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