The Ideal Working From Home Environment

5 Ways To Create The Ideal Work From Home Environment

We’re officially half way through 2023, the winter solstice has been and gone and Australians everywhere are perishing with temperatures that are tantamount to ‘bloody freezing’. Colds and flus are inevitably upon us again and every time someone sneezes there’s a distant reminder of what we’ll now gently refer to as the ‘C’ word……

There was, and still is, a significant move towards home-working set ups, and there’s a lot to be said for home-work efficiency, comfort, savings on travel and more personal time.

That said, it does also have the potential to induce an unprecedented level of dilly-dallying. Washing underpants that have never been worn, rearranging sock drawers, consuming entire packets of Tim Tams in under 1 hr and weeding the herb garden to within an inch of its life…..anyone else?

Realistically, most people who have experience working from home know that the battle between productivity and procrastination is real. Very few people possess the dedication to rise and shine five days a week and kick those goals daily, without some type of system and environment that supports them.

If the challenge of home work is something of a daily assignment, there are multiple ways and means to give yourself the best fighting chance of success. Comfort, environment, facility and functionality are all critical to your ability to work well, efficiently and with optimum focus.

Here’s some handy tips to get you started:

  1. Create a space with no distractions.

Ideally a permanent, designated workspace allows you to set up and leave your work as required. This space is meant to be your friend. It’s one that tries to bring out the best in you, albeit it does have slightly irritating ‘teachers pet’ tendencies. But she means well….

Giving yourself a space that isn’t interrupted by external distractions, like televisions, noisy neighbors or the washing up can help. Equally, if not more important, is creating a rule around your phone. We all like a sneaky scroll now and then, but seriously….meme-form is NOT me-being-my-own-boss form. Take a note of yourself.

  1. Create a comfortable environment

Temperature control and workspace comfort are absolutely critical to mental clarity and productivity. It’s no small feat to try and concentrate when your fingers have gone numb or you’re perspiring to the point of near collapse.

The ideal working temperature is generally around 22-24 degrees so use your air conditioning units to their advantage and set the thermostat accordingly.

  1. Talk to some plants

What? Ok, maybe you don’t have to enter into an actual dialogue with them (although sometimes I admit I do)… But having some friendly, air purifying green companions in your work space helps with your air quality and they look great.

  1. Create a schedule

There’s always time later….until there isn’t. You’ve just wasted half your morning considering the merits of a self-powered robotic vacuum cleaner, when you should have been writing that piece on rising interest rates.

Get yourself into a routine and make yourself a schedule for work. The vacuum situation can wait. Your income earning potential can’t.

  1. Keep your home clean and clear

With air quality at the top of the list. That means taking care of those beloved mod-cons, like an aircon installation, that we all know we need. Your residential air conditioning system won’t service itself. All it really needs is a little love and attention now and then. That means cleaning the filters, having it regassed if needed and getting one of our split system aircon specialists to take a look at it every now and again.  Clean air quality is everything, so pay attention to it.


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