How to Lower Your Cooling Bills Without Sacrificing Comfort

Living on the East Coast of Australia, in a region that boasts some of the country’s most naturally beautiful coastal areas, from Byron Bay to Tweed Heads, we’re lucky to be blessed with a climate that provides us with year round hospitable temperatures. We tend to experience the balmy heat of summertime for long stretches, and our winters, while a little on the chilly side, never really hit us with the sting of the glacial nether regions of Northern Europe or (shudder) Melbourne.

Making the most of our climate does however call for the often needed and endlessly appreciated humble Air Conditioning Units. These unsung heroes of our homes not only provide us with year-round comfort from their cooling function, a split system air conditioner or reverse cycle air conditioner also provides a heating system for the colder months. As such we tend to flog them within an inch of their lives, often not considering the financial or functional implications that our dependency might bring.

There are in fact multiple ways that correct use and management of your air conditioner installation will not only save you money on your power bills, but also increase the comfort of your home and minimise the potential for system failure. We’ve compiled a list of handy hints to optimise your residential air conditioning usage for year-round efficiency.

Size Is Important…

….Just not in the way you might think. Buying the biggest split system aircon unit on the market isn’t necessarily the way to go about cooling your home. What’s of more importance is to get the fit right for your space. An oversized unit can cause a multitude of problems, with using more energy than needed and a dysregulation in the temperature readings, whilst one that’s too small will have to work overly hard to achieve the desired effect.

Keep It Clean

If you already have your dream team air conditioner professionals in Tweed Heads set you up with a domestic air conditioner service, then giving it some love in the shoulder months is a good way of maximising its functionality and overall lifespan. Making sure that the vents are clear and that the little guy is free from bug infestations is a part of life lived in the service of your home. Make sure you get a filter clean or replacement and if in doubt, get your local service technician to come and have a look for you to rule out the need for an air conditioning repair.

Cool Is As Cool Does

Creating cooling zones in your home is an easy and effective way of minimising the cost of running your Air Con and keeping your home cool. It’s as simple as closing curtains during the hottest part of the day and closing doors to keep the cooled air in, whilst also being mindful to only cool the rooms that you want kept at lower temperatures.

Mr Consistent

A major game changer for your energy efficiency is keeping your unit set at a constant temperature. That’s at around the 24 Degrees Celsius mark and it means that the hard work of pumping out extra low temperatures to try and rapidly cool your home is minimised. Even setting your air conditioning unit one degree warmer than you feel is ideal can cut costs by up to 10%. Aim to set the thermostat less than 8 degrees below the outdoor temperature and your unit will be in plain sailing mode.

Timing Is Everything

A thermostat with an inbuilt timer can make a huge difference to your unit’s efficiency and cost. You can set the hours of operation to those when you’re at home and in need and cut out wasted energy time when you’re not.

First thing in the morning, the air inside your home is generally cooler, which means the air conditioning system uses less energy to reach perfect temperature. Leaving it until later in the day, when the heat is increasing puts an excessive amount of pressure on a system, making it work much harder, and take longer to cool down your home.

If It Offers Economy, Make The Most Of It!

Many of the latest models of air con units offer an economy setting. It does exactly what it says on the tin – so switch to a limited power consumption offer will inevitably save you cash in the long term.

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