Too Hot Vs Too Cold. What’s The Ideal Temperature To Fall Asleep?

In the midst of our Australian summertime, high temperatures and humidity are something of an ongoing talking point. We’re fairly well conditioned (pun intended) to deal with these extremes of weather, with homes that offer a multitude of ways to stay cool during blistering summer temperatures. Our world-class standard of air conditioner installation plays a vital role in keeping us comfortable throughout the year. If there was such a thing as the home-comfort Olympics, we’d have to be in with a pretty good chance of the gold medal.

But whilst living with control and convenience is a great addition to our modern lives,  we are subsequently faced with the ensuing question. Is having the residential air conditioning unit cranking 24hrs a day actually good for us?

If you’ve ever experienced the tenuous luxury of intercontinental airport hotel accommodation, where the aim of the hoteliers seems to be to subtly cryogenically freeze their patrons whilst they sleep, you’ll know that waking up after a night with the air con on max can leave you with a sore throat, dry eyes and a pressing urgency to rehydrate.

The good news is that your own home version of environmental comfort needs in no way reflect the somewhat sadistic qualities of the Asia-pacific hotel network. Whilst the air coming from your air conditioning unit is drier than normal, it functions in that way to control the temperature and humidity in the room. As a result, left unmanaged or at the wrong setting, your split air con system can cause drying of the skin, mouth and throat. A sore throat in summer for no reason can be caused by sleeping with the air con on. But with the right regulation in timing and setting, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our bodies require a range of conditions to enable us to get the sleep we need, in order for our natural rhythms to stay intact and our immune system and energy levels to function at their most efficient level. Our natural, internal temperature shifts throughout a 24hr cycle and falls by a few degrees overnight, reaching its lowest temperature at around 4:30 am. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the optimal temperature for sleeping is between 16 to 20 degrees.

Taking this into account, it’s worth considering how you can best optimise your sleeping space to achieve maximum comfort for a good night. This is going to be affected by your own personal sense of comfort, plus the seasonal changes that our climate undergoes.

Experts are in agreement that with the correct management of your domestic air conditioner service, there are no adverse risks to our health and well-being through using the air con on a regular basis.

Some handy hints for ensuring that your health and comfort (as well as your energy bills) are kept in check include:

  • Clean the filters regularly to safeguard your air from dust and microbes that can return through the filters if left unchecked and dirty.
  • Directing the airflow away from your bed will reduce the impact of drying your breathing space while you sleep, helping to avoid the effects of sore throats or dry eyes. Plus, no one wants to sleep in a wind tunnel, let’s be honest.
  • Using a timer means you can control the duration of your nighttime air con.  Before you go to sleep, set your desired temperature and program the AC to switch off during the night, keeping you comfortable and saving on your electricity bills.
  • Pre-cooling your room before sleep is another option. If you don’t want to sleep with the air con cranking all night, then getting your air temperature down before sleep is a perfectly reasonable way to set the scene for a good night.

Ultimately, as with all good home systems, it’s crucial to maintain your air conditioner with regular service and repair if you’re going to get the most from the unit, for both energy efficiency and your health and comfort.

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