Air Conditioning Myth Busters

Air conditioners are in almost every home yet there are common myths that people don’t talk about enough…

1. You can leave your Air Conditioning Filter alone to do its job – MYTH.

Imagine life spent as an air conditioning air filter.

No, this isn’t an experiment in existential thinking, it’s intended more to get you to practice some awareness.

So…You spend all your life helping to keep the air clear. You literally exist to remove the unwanted dust and allergens from the breathing air of the people around you. You work endlessly to please your thankless community of domesticated humans who carry on day to day, with no consideration for your wellbeing or general mode of existence. You shoulder the weight of life’s unwanted particle debris relentlessly and after time, that burden becomes more and more weighty. You start to get foggy with the particle overload. You literally become clogged and in the end, you cease to manage the strain of your life’s purpose and you die.

Such is the inevitable life of an air filter.

Sad as it may be, these guys do a good job while they’re here. BUT, they have a lifespan of no more than 6 months, so if you neglect to honor the inevitable passing of your filter, you’re going to end up with an air conditioning unit that is heavily compromised by dust build up, which results in a steady decline in airflow.

A new filter can potentially increase your air conditioning units efficiency by up to 15%. Do the right thing. Replace or clean the little guy every 6 months.

2. Closing the curtains during the day helps your air conditioner cool the space quicker – TRUTH.

Let’s give the neighbours something to think about and close the curtains.

“What do they DO in that house every afternoon?! I thought the Dad was a Computer Programmer, but who would know these days….What do you make of it Frank?”

Well, never mind Susan next door. Australian homes cop a serious amount of heat throughout the warmer months. While we’re pretty good at building houses to account for this annual blessing of glorious weather, we still suffer from excessive heat penetration from our windows. While opening the window to let some fresh air in might seem like the obvious thing to do, when the outdoors is cranking its thermostat to ‘bloody-boiling’, an open window actually brings in more heat than it lets out. So shut them.

Equally, drawing blinds and curtains in the hottest parts of the day can help to minimise the heat coming in and maximise the rooms retention of cooler air from your air conditioner installation.

3. You need to get a domestic air conditioner service check annually by  an expert – TRUTH.

There are components within your split system aircon unit, including refrigerants that help to absorb the heat from the house. This can get lost in small amounts over time, which ultimately reduces the cooling capacity of your unit. A technician can service your unit and top you up to get your residential air conditioning unit running smoothly again. In areas around Tweed Heads to Byron Bay, where our hot, semi-tropical climate provides us with ample year round usage of our aircon service, we require regular, annual air conditioning repair and maintenance.

4. Bigger is Better – MYTH.

We’ve been through this before. It’s not about the size of your unit, it’s how it performs for you. Oh stop it.

This is one of life’s most hotly disputed adage’s and as we’ve outlined in an entire discussion “Is Bigger Really Better?” , the blunder of a missized air conditioner installation can be a costly one, with issues including short-cycling, higher humidity, higher bills and excessive over-function.

Air conditioner professionals in Tweed Heads can advise you of the right size for your space, ensuring that your unit is appropriate for the cubic meterage.

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