How Your Air Conditioning Unit Can Support Your Health & Wellbeing

It’s not like air quality has ever NOT been important, but it feels like in the past few years, what with face masks becoming the ‘norm’ and COVID-19 prompting major concerns about our ability to ‘breath easy’, maybe it’s become more of a thing.

Speaking in global terms, we’re pretty lucky here in the Tweed Heads area. It’s not like we have any immediate concerns about running into the great deathly smog of London circa 1952, which took out 4000 people in just 4 days. But while those extremes seem like a distant, horrifying memory, our semi-pristine East Coast isn’t immune to the effects of air pollution. The not-so-distant memory of 2020’s bushfires lead to significant regional drops in air quality.

While we can’t control the seemingly terrifying, ever-imminent threat of annihilation from the outside world,  we can do something to protect our own home space and minimize the potential for harm*. (*Note: People with toddlers, you guys are the exception to this – there’s danger everywhere)

Our home’s air quality is affected by numerous factors from both within and outside our four walls. Dust, mould spores, smoke and noxious gasses like carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds come from a wide range of products including paint and cleaning supplies.

Anyone with a slight sensitivity to these things will tell you that living with itchy eyes, a stuffy nose or an asthma irritation is by no means enjoyable. Young children can often be especially affected by a compromised air conditioner, particularly in the bedroom where a night exposed to dust or mould can seriously reek havoc on the respiratory system. And as all parents of young children know, ANYTHING that has the potential to affect a decent, peaceful night’s sleep needs to be HUNTED DOWN AND DESTROYED.

Our body simply does not like to be confined in spaces that don’t allow our systems to function at their best. Poorly ventilated, stuffy or chemically affected air environments can cause headaches, fatigue and nausea in extreme cases.

Try working in an office, with your crew of germ-carrying, air-breathing, fellow biological-weapons that you call colleagues and not considering your air quality…..While Karen is in the corner having some kind of asthma seizure, the boss has got his worst Wednesday-at-war face on because he can’t see through his onsetting migraine.

Luckily there are numerous things that can be done very quickly and efficiently to stop these nightmarish scenarios in their tracks and make everyone’s lives easier.

Improving the quality of your interiors, whether at home or in the office can be as simple as improving the ventilation, but more than just opening a window, here are some added air quality hacks from us – because air quality is actually what we’re good at.

Get Some Indoor Plants

More than just making your space more beautiful, our air purifying plant companions help to reduce the number of pollutants in the air by absorbing them.

Dust Regularly

Ok, not everyone’s favourite pastime, but it does help to keep the stuffiness of your space to a minimum. Vacuum, wash the sheets and curtains and if you can, choose floorboards over carpet.

Crank The Air Conditioner

There’s really no limit to the function of your air conditioner in constantly improving your life (we might be biased but…) Considering an air conditioner installation can be of significant value as the systems available filter the air and help to purify it. Dust and pollen are pulled inside a split system aircon by the cooling, which can dramatically reduce dust levels.

Keep Mould To A Minimum.

That can be a challenge for us in a semi-tropical climate like the Northern Rivers to Tweed Coast, but with air conditioning units operating at their best, the removal of moisture in the air should dramatically reduce your mould problem.

Keep Your Air Conditioner Serviced

For your residential air conditioning unit to work at its best for you, it needs to be given some love. Our domestic air conditioner service offers expert maintenance packages for your unit to keep your home at its optimum condition. If your unit is in need of air conditioning repair, we offer a swift and effective service to get you back up and running

At Coolabah we genuinely care about our customers well being. It’s why we offer the leading air conditioner professionals in Tweed Heads to Byron Bay. Our team can both service and advise you for your optimum air conditioner installation.

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