How to stay warm and save money

5 tips on how to stay warm and save money this winter

As if the residents of Northern NSW, the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads haven’t copped it enough this year, we’re now apparently experiencing what has been labeled ‘The coldest start to winter in over 100 years’. After extensive flooding in places including Murwillumbah and Byron, it’s an added insult to this year’s climate-based woes. And it looks like we’re going to be in it for the long haul, with the winter forecast not set to thaw out before spring.

Australia isn’t traditionally touted as somewhere to experience the deepest depths of ‘freezedom’, but truth be told, even when we’re not in a 100 year climate freak out, we do get our annual chill on and when it hits, it can hurt. We may pride ourselves on our resilience and ability to tough things out, but let’s be honest, chucking a flannie on, because it’s a ‘bit cold outside’, really isn’t going to do the job this year.

Without houses designed uniquely for the purpose of staying warm (that would be silly, given 8 months of the year it’s suffocatingly hot), there are a wealth of sources that offer up some cheap and easy ways to keep cozy in winter. Some ideas are better than others. Investing in a heated blanket isn’t a bad idea and can cost as little as $20 for a winter season. The only problem is the chances of spending three months in bed are quite low.

One of the best things we’ve heard in a while came from the Sydney Morning Herald who introduced us to the idea of ‘Renters double glazing’, which involves lining windows of your house with bubble wrap. Whilst there may indeed be some efficacy in this method, it’s pretty hard to imagine getting through the winter straight-faced or with any semblance of dignity left. If the neighbors don’t assume a modern art experiment is taking place, there seems to be an equal risk of the cops turning up, ready and willing to bust some wintery, bubble wrap version of meth lab…..

It’s not all suffering in chilly dignity though, and taking up the challenge of finding a genuine, cost effective method for home heating does have a simple and, slightly more elegant solution.

Air conditioning.

Say what?

It’s not all summer romance for the aircon installation unit in your home. With reverse cycle aircon service you have the best of both worlds, with both hot and cold functionality. What’s even better news is that it’s the cheapest method for warming your home, compared to other conventional methods, including gas and electric alternatives.

If you’re already privy to this aircon phenomenon, and already have an air conditioner installation then there are ways you can maximize the efficiency of your aircon service.

  1. Regular aircon maintenance is an important part of keeping your unit running at its best. For residents of areas like Tweed Heads, who experience temperatures that necessitate year round use, air conditioning repair and upkeep needn’t be costly. Aircon repair also means you get the very best in efficiency from your aircon installation.
  2. Eliminate draughts. To get the most from your aircon service, finding the areas where the cold air comes in and lets the hot air out is key. Cracks around windows, doors and through floor boards can be problem areas.
  3. Rug up! If you have an air conditioner installation in a house with floorboards, a simple way of keeping the heat is to invest in a large rug. It stops the heat disappearing through the cracks and holds the warmth of the air for longer.
  4. Layer up. Ok, that seems pretty obvious. But while the bubble wrap brigade are wrapping themselves up in plastic, throwing on an extra layer for a couple of months needn’t be uncomfortable and is less extreme in combination with an effective aircon service.
  5. Close off unused rooms and spaces. With less space to disburse, the heat from your aircon installation circulates in a more concentrated area. Keeping you warm and cosy for the chillier months.

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